Books & Life Cards

Our invaluable collection of books, cards, and publications are high-quality & practical resources for education, health, and social care.

Our resources cover speech and language therapy, special educational needs (SEN), elderly care, Dementia, emotional health, mental health, social & emotional skills.

These resources will be useful tools for diversional therapists, occupational therapists, recreational staff, care workers in aged care, and to students studying these professions.

The Life Cards & Colour Cards are especially useful for social activity and interaction between individuals who may not usually communicate well. Our varied range can stimulate memories and help some to relive those happy times, while at the same time bringing people together in sociable activities. There are also a variety of educational cards which are designed to help those living with learning disabilities, and conditions such as Dementia, cope with day to day life.

BENEFITS: Educational and inspirational.

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